Past Performers

If you are an artist traveling to Seldovia Alaska and would like to perform in an intimate setting with a great view, sweet accommodations and hospitality extrodinare, Crazy Crow House concerts is the place for you.

If you are a music lover and want to hear some great tunes, meet the artists, and experience the Seldovia Rowing Club desserts to die for, this is the place for you!

Each month one or two concerts is held at the Seldovia Rowing Club Bed and Breakfast.  If you would like to attend a show or perform in a show please email   or call 907-234-7614


Thanks to all who have come to this place to share their songs.

Radoslav Lorkovic (Chicago) piano and accordionRad Crazy Crow

Paul Gerardi (Ashland, Oregon) guitar

Terry McCoy and Dave Millen (Anchorage)CelticTerry

Patric D’Eimon (Doyle) (Austen) formerly Anchorage guitar

Dan McElrath paino (Anchorage)

Katie Evans  Alaska

Cindy Hackyey (Talkeetna) formerly Florida

Sally Shuffield (Colorado)

Peter Cooper (Nashville)

Eric Brace (Nashville)

Fishbank/ Lucky Dragon..(the world)

Johnsmith ( Wisconson)  

Nancy Anderson Saylor (Alaska)

Tom Begich ( Anchorage)

Danny Schmidt  (Austen)

Rachel Sage (New York)

Jaime Michaels (New Mexico)

Meg Hutchinson ( Boston)

Tim Mason (Boston)

Randall Williams (Where is Randall?)Maine

Rick Brooks (Anchorage)

T. J. Casey  (Montana)

Brooks Williams (Boston)

Susan Mumma (Seldovia)

Terry and Jerry Holder (Washington State)

Food for the Soul  ( Alaska)

Nancy Cassidy and Dayan Kai  (California)

The McNatts (Nashville)

Bianca De Leon (Austen)

Lee Penn Sky (Idaho)

Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman ( San Francisco)

Marian Call (Juneau, Alaska)2014
Mc Graw and Fer

Dave Mc Graw and Mandy Fer  (Portland,Oregon)

Ukulele Russ May 30 (Fairbanks)
russ teaching










Hope Cassity and Adam Smith (Nashville) July 1 069Hope



John Craigie and Leigh Jones (Portland, Oregon) July 19john craigie concert 138 - Copy (2)

Kray Van Kirk (Juneau, Alaska) August 9 kray5

kray 6









Crazy Crow Productions
When you attend a Crazy Crow house concert, you’ll enjoy one of Alaska’s finest traveling musicians in an intimate, non-smoking setting at the Seldovia Rowing Club on the Old Boardwalk along Seldovia’s scenic tidal Slough.

Caroline Cotter and Michael Howard July 20 2016

Howard Concert. July 20 2016 Caroline Cotter and Michael Howard
Crazy Crow Productions House Concert Series's photo.
Crazy Crow Productions House Concert Series's photo.
Crazy Crow Productions House Concert Series's photo.

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